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Camp Equipment Wish List

docked boats





Aquatics Program Equipment Wish List

Dining supplies (disposable plates, cups, utensils, etc.)
Propane grills for staff cook area
Small flat bottom fishing boats (12-14 ft)
Small outboard motors – 2 hp to 10 hp
(3) 20-30 qt. Cooking Pots
Outdoor furniture for Training Areas (Chairs, Tables, Benches). Wood or Plastic Resin
(2) Portable Kerosene Heaters
Pressure Washer
Plastic Hangers
Toilet Paper
Aluminum Canoes (15’ to 18’) in good condition
Kayaks and Paddles
Sunfish-type sail boats
Pedal Boats

Camp Maintenance Equipment Wish List

4 to 6 ft. utility trailer
Laptop computer (with DVD player preferably)
Video projector
Gator or other small vehicle for moving small boats and camp maintenance
(12) Brooms
Liriope or other durable ground cover for erosion control
Portable Garage Structures
Metal or Wood sheds
Exterior paint (Latex)
Pressure treated wood (2 x 6 through 2 x 12, various lengths)
(15) Galvenized Pails – to be used as fire pails for each site
2 X 4 Studs, 8’ to 12’ long
Marine Paint (dark blue) – 1 qt. cans
(3) US Flags
(2) metal cage structures to store gas cans and other flammables
(6) First-Aid kits for boats
(4) Tool boxes (Plastic or metal) with generic tools for Sail and motor boats

For details, please contact the Atlanta Area Council Program Center at 770-989-8820

Updated 6/29/21
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