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This is a Saturday class, although completion depends on favorable winds. Start time is 8:30 AM at the Pavilion. Program ends at approximately 5:00 PM or when the boats are back and put away. The sailing staff is looking forward to your arrival and every effort is being made to ensure your Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge training is meaningful, safe and fun!

Plan to arrive Saturday morning no later than 8:30 AM. During check-in, we will collect your signed Merit Badge Application (blue card), review any physical limitations, and then go for swim checks. You must be able to pass the BSA swimmer test to participate.

This is an intense one day class with a lot of time spent out on the water. In order to complete the land side requirements it is "IMPORTANT" that your guys have a pre-made lunch with them as we work through lunch. They need to bring everything they need down to the waterfront at the start of the day.

Leaders should insure that the boys have reviewed the Merit Badge Book. It is important that they know how to tie two half hitches, bowline, square knot and cleat a line. We are required to review both CPR and First Aid. The boys should know what the signs of hypothermia, heat prostration are and what to do. On the CPR side they need to be able to rattle off what you do if someone is not breathing, how many rescue breaths and how many compression's.

It is cool in Georgia in Spring and expect gusty wind, cool to cold but pleasant water. Must bring, sunscreen, water bottle, hat and water shoes, towel. We have swim checks at the start of the day, then capsize drill after the boats are setup. Extra towels are a good idea as after swim check they will be cold.

Adult help is needed at the start of the day to help get boats down and back in the racks at the end of the day. Adults are welcome to join the leaders for sailing in one of the day sailor's we use. The boys will be sailing Aqua Fin/ SunFish/ Phantoms all of which have the same Class of hull design. This is the first sailing class of the season so we always find a few items that need attention so more help is a blessing.

Sailing is fun and it is easy to catch some wind... but, as an old sea captain once said, "Sailing takes a lifetime to really learn." So come enjoy the wind and water...and remember, it will be a great day for sailing and Scouting at the Aquatics Base!

Class size:  24

What to Bring:

    • Swimming attire and towel
    • Shoes that secure to your feet and can get wet (sandals, water shoes, old sneakers, etc.)
    • Rain gear (NO ponchos, please)
    • Jacket or sweatshirt, depending on the weather
    • Signed merit badge application (blue card)
    • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sun block)
    • Food and drink (one hour lunch break and two hour supper break on Saturday)
    • Current medical form


    • Scouts are required to pass the standard BSA swim test for swimmer the morning of the class in order to participate.
    • Make sure to bring a Merit Badge blue card signed by your Unit leader and your Merit Badge book.
    • Read and Study the entire Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge manual before you arrive at the Aquatics Base.



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